SBC Convention, Part V, Pastor’s Conference on June 9, 9 AM


Johnny Hunt  Pastor First Baptist Church of Woodstock, Georgia

Psalm 126

1)Remarkable Event vs. 1

2)Rejoicing Expressions vs. 2a

3)Recognized Experience vs. 2b

4)Redeemed Expression vs. 3

5)Restoring/Refreshing Event vs. 4

We define the Gospel but we must declare it.

We are not baptizing teenagers.  36,000 Southern Baptist Churches did not baptize a single teenager.  The longer you are a believer, the further removed you are from unbelievers.

Psalm 126:5  “They that sow in tears shall reap in joy.”    Bob Cook  ” If you can explain what is going on, God did not do it.”

We go from the blessing of being saved to the burden of being saved.

The Iranian in prison:  “I would rather share Jesus in prison than be free.”

Charles Haddon Spurgeon was saved in a Primitive Methodist Church.  The verse from Isaiah was God’s tool that brought him under conviction:  “Look unto the Lord (Jesus) and be saved.”

“The light that shines the farthest, shines the brightest at home.”


Clayton King  Teaching Pastor, Campus Pastor Liberty University

Clayton honored other men–  Johnny Hunt and Jake Thornhill.

Clayton heard God’s voice twice: “Preach the Gospel.”

God’s Glory For Giving Up

I Kings 19:1-9

Elijah wanted to quit because he was discouraged-


2)thirsty and hungry

3)running from Jezebel

  • We need to get away from ministry.  Take the wife out and turn off the phone.

  • Get alone.  vs. 3  Just you and God.  A spiritual formation takes place.

  • Get honest.  Adrenaline goes up on Sunday and comes down on Monday.  Schedule no meetings on Monday.

  • Get rested and fed.  Take a nap.

  • Get up.  Get going now that you are rested.  Get back to work.


Eric Mason  Lead Pastor: Epiphany Fellowship, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Ephesians 5:15-20 (a praise break in the scripture between doctrine and practice)

Glorifying God Through A Godly Resolve

Good preaching results in :  God Glorified/ Saints Edified/ Satan Horrified

Watch out being a people pleaser:  Acts 19:21; II Thessalonians 1:11

1)That you will live a life of spiritual discernment.  *Be honest where we are and where our cultural “norms” are.  You don’t walk right to get saved, you walk right because you are saved.  To be unwise– lack spiritual discernment.

2)You must resolve that you will maximize every season that the Lord gives you.  (vs. 16)

3)You must resolve that the Lord will be the strongest commitment in your life.  Nothing else can take His place.  We need the Holy Ghost in all things.  The Holy Ghost is not the step child of the Trinity.




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