The Fight For Faith

Daniel Reiman (D), Mayor Of Carteret, New Jersey– They have had a prayer tradition in all their meetings since the city was founded. Immigration called this past Tuesday and said: “You have to remove prayer from the agenda in the moment of silence.” The mayor told them: “It does not make sense, especially in light of the recent supreme court ruling. No, prayer will be part of the program.” Immigration responded that: “It cannot be listed on the agenda. It cannot be part of the program.” The mayor responded: “Take your godless ceremony somewhere else.” …..and they did. Carteret is a very faith based city and God is mentioned in the citizenship oath and the pledge of allegiance. The residents of Carteret were fully in favor of the decision of the mayor. The prayer would have been nondenominational.

Praise God for those who stand up for values that go against the grain. If you are a Christian, especially one who serves in any kind of public arena, you too will experience similar battles. “A dead fish can float downstream, but it takes a live one to fight the current.”

Blessings, Pastor Steve


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