Sharing Our Faith……….

One mentioned in prayer meeting last night that about 92% of Southern Baptists NEVER share their faith at all. I have always known this to be true, since I have long observed the mere handful who God uses to bring souls into the church. We are suppose to be one of the more evangelistic denominations. I have also noticed that soul winners rarely complain about anything, and just keep on sharing their faith, visiting, and heartily enjoy participating in the Great Commission. When I am in a public setting away from church whereby I have an opportunity to share Christ with someone, I have even found that some professing Christians feel uncomfortable when one shares the Gospel in its’ entirety with people. The concept of lifestyle evangelism is totally foreign to many. At times, I actually feel more comfortable and at ease around a group of athiests, agnostics, pagans and unbelievers. They are often curious and intrigued. So many Christians are brainwashed by man made theories about witnessing— 1)I have to know them for a long time and build up their/my confidence. 2)If I tell them the entire Gospel I will scare them away. 3)We can accept them in church like they are members even though they have unconfessed and unrepented sin in their lives–they will come around. No, no, no– this will destroy a church and lower the bar of expectations, and we become “Anything Goes Baptist Church,” and God will pull His candlestick (the Holy Spirit) out. One of Satan’s greatest goals is to divide the brethren and keep them from witnessing and sharing their faith. I like it when the church becomes engaged in the Great Commission. When we focus outward there is much less complaining. Share Christ daily with boldness! Bring souls to church! Let the Holy Spirit dictate to you who to speak with, who to see, and what to say. The church suffers with mere additions because usually only a few are obedient. If the church acted like the church in the book of Acts, the baptistry would be filled twice a month and we would multiply! We do NOT need marketing, we do NOT need methodology, we do NOT need a watered down Gospel, we do NOT need psycobabble—-we need the body of Christ to share their faith as a whole. This is God’s doctrine and plan for the church. It has worked for 2000 years for those who have submitted to God’s plan. Do you have a testimony? Do you know the plan of salvation? Can you get a few tracts, Life/Death cards, and an Evangelcube? They do nothing on the shelf. Let’s share our faith with a holy boldness, confident that God is working through us, and in love! God will provide the increase. Remember, simply SHARING your faith makes you a success in God’s eyes. Only God Himself can convict a heart!


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