Benghazi, The Influenza That Will Not Go Away……

Lindsey Graham (R) South Carolina Senator “The administration has been worried about Benghazi because of the timing of Benghazi. The administration knew that if a terrorist attack were reported, this would severely harm Obama’s chances of reelection, hence the lies about the “Islamic Film.” The administration thought it was politically expedient to lie to the American public in order to assure the president’s reelection. This was more important to them than the four brave men, diplomats and Navy Seals, who died because our military was ordered to “stand down.” As long as this administration keeps lying, this story will never go away.”
Recently released e-mails could be the smoking gun that has been sought. To the informed, this is nothing new and we have known for 20 months about the cowardice and debauchery of this administration. A retired Lieutenant Colonel just stated: “….we have had a lot of good presidents and bad presidents but never have we had such a coward in the White House. Not only in regards to his involvement with Benghazi, but also noteworthy are his vacillating responses and “red lines” with North Korea, Syria, the Ukraine, and others.” A couple of interesting factoids about Benghazi is that: 1) Our president was not in the situation/briefing room and no where to be found when the tragedy played out. The president campaigned in Las Vegas, Nevada on the following day. 2) The murderers of four Americans have not been brought to justice nor has any real attempt been made to identify the perpetrators. Liberal left wingers who desire to put this aside are saying that justice in this awful episode of American history does not really matter. Now, try to place yourself in the shoes of those who lost loved ones in this deplorable incident. Nancy Pelosi said: “We must put this corpse to rest.” An unbelievably insensitive and callous comment.
My own opinion is that Benghazi makes Watergate look like “child’s play” in comparison. The difference is that Richard Milhous Nixon was insulated by his cabinet of Haldeman, Ehrlichman, Dean, Colson and a few others. Once they were permeated, Nixon was exposed. On the other hand, Obama’s entire administration seems corrupt to the very core. The government, State Department, and even the Justice Department are privy to the lies of Benghazi that left four dead. The military is aghast to have such a coward of a president who left our troops to die. This goes against the very fabric and DNA upon which this nation was built— to do EVERYTHING within our power to rescue and protect our own. Personally, our president makes me ill and like so many others, I consider him to be a coward who looks out for number one. Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice were told to lie about Benghazi. Obama has had the liberal press in his hip pocket, and only now are a few news networks joining Fox News in reporting the story——they have no choice given all the e-mails coming out. This administration has defied subpoenas and suppressed e-mails from being reported. How else could one explain the release of some of the e-mails 20 months after the fact? Why share this on a Christian blog site? Because we care for our nation to ring with integrity. My prayer has ALWAYS been for the many nefarious deeds of this administration to be exposed and for justice to prevail. Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner is going to call a Select House Committee to investigate this matter of Benghazi. Charles Krauthammer suggests that the leader of this committee needs prosecuting experience, and the committee should focus solely on questions and not speeches, declarative sentences and general statements. Krauthammer suggested that Trey Gowdy (R), representative from South Carolina, would be a very good chairman on such a committee because of his prosecuting experience and he would be a good questioner. Having observed Gowdy’s character and acumen, I would have to agree 100%. Keep an eye on the news and pray for the truth to be revealed.  Pastor Steve


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