Peru 2014, The Great Commission, Part III

April 5 We handed out water and invited people to the City Church today. This church is bilingual. It is a contemporary church for professionals and English is the primary language. We gave away much water and shared the Gospel as well. We then went to John Phalm’s house and watched the Final Four game between the University of Connecticut (63) and Florida (53). Bruce Baxter was suffering from severe bronchitis. He needs our prayers. (Following this rough night, Bruce Baxter had a miraculous turn around before we headed for home).

April 6 We will go to two church services today. One at 10AM, the City Church for professionals, located at the Hotel El Polo, across the street from the American Embassy. We then have a 4PM service scheduled at the Summit Baptist Church in Pampalimay, Peru. I am scheduled to preach and am looking forward to it. We attended the La Ciudad (City Church) and it was a great blessing. Pastor Josh preached on hope at the 10AM Service. There was a younger crowd, many children, and professionals.
We then went to the Summit Baptist Church in Pampalimay, Peru. I preached on The Lamb Of God, Revelation 13:8b. There was one profession of faith during the altar call: Efraim Chavez Praise God! He asked for the forgiveness of sins and we explained where it came from.
We then went to the mall. The girls were all giddy–I think because they were relieved from a very strenuous week. It has been a great week and one half of missions. Now we are ready for a free day and then the trip home. We are all experiencing a “good” tired.


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