Peru 2014, The Great Commission, Part II

April 3 Once again we went to Pampalimay. Martin’, Midge and I reaffirmed the Gospel with Jacqueline. We shared the Gospel with Nicole, her mother Lida, and their next door neighbor Ana. All three made professions. Midge’s testimony of how God saw her through trials in life was an invaluable tool for our witness to these folks. So in the last two days our team had four professions of faith, including our first three people we spoke with this morning:
Jacqueline Llanquecha (yesterday)
Lida Teniente
Nicole Teniente
Ana Baltazar


After our efforts were blessed by God so beautifully, several requirements came to mind for the those who share their faith:
1)To be saved yourself.
2)To be living in obedience to God and walking in the Holy Spirit.
3)We need to have a burden for the lost.
4)Last but not least- we need discernment.

April 4 Mariela Peralta made a profession of faith with another team yesterday. Our visit was to reaffirm her decision. We later had a fifth profession of faith today: Yeraldine Anicama of MZ3 LOS PINOS, Pampalimay. (PLEASE PRAY FOR HER). Amazingly, she never heard of the Gospel of salvation person to person before today. She was exposed to it only through a movie on Jesus. Yeraldine was especially concerned with the “belief in the heart” aspect of the Gospel– in other words, she realized that it is much more than lip service. She seems to really understand what a true commitment to Jesus Christ, and salvation through the new birth really is. We spoke with Elviz and Midge had her picture taken next to him. He showed interest in the Gospel without the desire for a true commitment at this time.
The church in our community is pastored by:
Lincoln Chasnamate
La Cumbre (The Summit Church)
Ecclesia Baptista
Pampalimay, Peru



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