Peru 2014, The Great Commission, Part I

March 31 A few of our folks, especially Laura Zapata, are suffering due to the altitude and food poisoning. Through prayer and the grace of God, they are coming along well. We took our flight today from Cusco to Lima to prepare for a week of evangelism in the outskirts of Lima. I had a great talk with our daughter Jessica on the plane about missions. Jessica is doing a great job leading our team. Jessica Phalm, our host IMB missionary, helped us travel back and forth on this archaeological adventure. We could not have done it without her. We will see John and Jessica and their five children. I asked Jessica Phalm what the greatest needs were for IMB missionaries. She said a display of concern by people was their greatest need. Examples: A pastor who went to one of their children’s events, people who send e-mails to them, showing concern and checking up on them. The support of their sending church and other churches, things sent that would help them. All these things are what IMB missionaries need.
We met John Phalm at our hotel along with four of their children. We will fellowship with their family tomorrow and determine our itinerary for the coming week.

April 1 We met John Phalm today for an orientation. He shared that we will witness in Pampalimay tomorrow and throughout this week. We will hand out water bottles on Saturday at l de Mayo. We are to evangelize and to community organize. John emphasized the need to follow up on people’s professions of faith by asking them “if they know they are saved and going to heaven” the next day or so. This was wise counsel. Many make superficial professions of faith without even fully understanding salvation. We enjoyed great fellowship, dinner, and birthday celebrations with John and Jessica Phalm and their five beautiful children in the evening. I was able to speak with my wife Teresa, and our daughter Jessica spoke with her as well. (The Phalms have a telephone plan with toll free calling to Orlando, Florida).

April 2 We went to Pampalimay. My translator Martin’ and I went out into the community to share Christ. Our third teammate Midge Jacobson was still sick and unable to be with us on this date. Martin’ and I shared the Gospel with Jacqueline, and she made a profession of faith. Later on, we spoke with a young woman Nicole (22), and she was under conviction for salvation, asking several very good questions. We desired to follow up with her tomorrow first thing! It was a great day, walking in the sand flea infested hills in this town on the outskirts of Lima. Midge Jacobson is getting better and will join us tomorrow.


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