Peru 2014, Heading Home

April 7 We went to Lima Beach today. We saw surfers and picked up a few rocks. We shopped for souvenirs. Jessica and Laura went parasailing over the beach area. We went back to the motel, got our luggage and went to the airport. Our flight is a “red eye,” and is scheduled to take off after 11 PM.

April 8 We had a safe flight home, and then a van ride across south Florida, compliments once again of First Baptist Church of Port Charlotte, and Chuck and Larry. (Bruce Baxter’s wife picked him up at the airport. His health was much improved by this time). We ate breakfast at the Crackle Barrel and arrived at FBPC just prior to noon. Pastor Jim McCarty and the staff welcomed us home under the portico in the pouring rain. It was a great trip of archaeological interest and adventure, but much more importantly it was a great week serving for the Kingdom of God and reaching souls for Christ. I will forever be appreciative to the leadership at FBPC for allowing me to join with them in this exciting venture. Their mission endeavors are going along very well and I am grateful to have had a part in one of them.



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