Peru 2014 “A God Thing”

March 27 We left Port Charlotte for Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood Airport on the morning of March 27.  We thought we were ready.  Our driver, believing we had more than enough time to spare, took the “scenic” route south on Tamiami Trail and into Punta Gorda before going south on I-75.  In the back seat, Laura Zapata’s backpack opened up and her things fell backwards, and unto the luggage behind us.  I was in a position to retrieve them, and while putting her things back in her pack, I discovered a nightmare!  I spent several months securing 7,000 – 8,000 Hispanic tracts for our mission trip.  We had so many, we packed them in two separate suitcases.  We left them at the church!  We immediately turned back and retrieved them, and still with a large time buffer prior to our flight.  Since our driver started out with a slower route, we returned quickly, retrieved the tracts and were off once again.  If those tracts failed to get to missionaries John and Jessica Phalm, I would have been sick.  God used a broken backpack to get the job done, just like He uses broken things in our lives to accomplish His purposes. Are there dark clouds in your life?  Have great faith and expect showers of blessings!  Pastor Steve


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