Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Gate

IRS Gate is one of the many scandals going on during the current administration. If the lid blows off of these
nefarious actions, it will make Watergate look like child’s play in comparison. The IRS is sometimes used as a tool for blackmailing perceived enemies, simply by ordering this agency to crank up investigations against them, and make their lives a living hell.
During Obama’s presidency, the IRS has gone hog wild against the Tea Party and countless other conservative organizations on the right in the political spectrum. The amount and type of investigations conducted are way beyond what would be considered normal. Even Obama has to admit to this. IRS leading administrator, Lois Lerner, is indeed privy to ALL of the aforementioned incidents. Lois has conspicuously taken the fifth amendment in reference to all of these matters. Lois has already perjured herself, since communications are on file, linking her with many of these investigations into conservative organizations. Furthermore, there are countless communications, e-mails and visits from IRS agents to the White House during the time frame of these scandals. These is no logical or normal reason for any visits from this government agency to the White House. INCREDIBLY, Fox News is the only newscaster that is covering this matter. I have never seen Lois Lerner mentioned on any other news network, including my on line Yahoo home news page! This reeks with conspiracy and the great majority of news networks siding with the current liberal and corrupt administration. This is really incredible stuff! The anemic excuse the IRS made about these incidents, was blaming a couple of rogue agents in Cincinnati [the name(s) of these agents were never given, nor were punishments considered]. I pray that Lois Lerner sings like a canary and reveals the truth about these matters. I pray that all of the truth will be revealed about this corrupt administration.
Obama was interviewed by Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly prior to the Superbowl and the president told him: “There was not a smidgen of evidence in reference to these claims.” Bill O’Reilly asked the president this question again in order to have his statement on record. The stonewalling by the great majority of the press about this cover up is mind boggling. Also incredible is the fact that Obama wants the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to take networks like Fox News off of the air! Did you ever notice that president Obama is ALL ABOUT the total relinquishing of our valued freedoms, and empowering our government to take over absolutely everything? To not see this, one would have to emulate the proverbial ostrich with her head in the sand. Pray that the truth is revealed about the IRS cover up.

Blessings, Pastor Steve


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