Quotable Quotation ~ Evangelist Bailey Smith On Joel Osteen

Joel Osteen has been in the news as of late, in reference to over six hundred thousand dollars that was stolen from a church safe where he is pastor. Joel has a reputation as a motivational speaker more so than a pastor who preaches the entire counsel of God. When Larry King interviewed him, Larry asked him why he never preached on sin, salvation through Christ’s blood alone, repentance, judgment, obedience, etc. Joel’s response was: “He simply could not preach that way.” I was always amused by his alleged submission to the Bible at the start of their services, then he would put his Bible down and speak for thirty minutes on psycobabble.

Here is a quotation about Joel Osteen from a very blunt preacher who does not mince words:
“Joel Osteen’s message is to tell people how to get to hell with self esteem.”
Bailey E. Smith
Southern Baptist Evangelist
Pastor’s Conference
First Baptist Church of Jacksonville, Florida
January, 2005

On another occasion, Bailey made a comment in reference to President Clinton’s relationship with Monica Lewinsky. As you may remember, Bill Clinton referred to his actions as “inappropriate.” Bailey stated at the Southern Baptist Convention in Orlando, Florida in June, 2000: “…it is inappropriate to stir your coffee with a steak knife. What our president did is rank adultery and playing the role of a whoremonger.” No, Bailey Smith does not apologize for telling the truth. I like Bailey E. Smith.


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