Greek Word Study, Part VI

62)bios- life, living/ We get the word biology from this Greek transliteration. Biology is the study of life.

63)blasphemeo- defame, speak evil/ The Greek transliteration translates straight into the English with the word blaspheme. The English word means exactly the same as the original Greek.

64)genealogia- tracing by generations/ This is one’s genealogy, or study of their family tree. Jesus Christ has the longest, best known and most perfect family tree of anyone. One can easily trace His lineage back to Adam and Eve. Actually, the Bible does it for us in Matthew 1 and Luke 3.

65)graphe- document, holy writ, scriptures/ We have received many derivatives from this word. We read charts and graphs for information. Today, computer graphics are very well known. The original word had a meaning that related the word much closer to holy scripture.

66)graptos- written/ Very similar to above word graphe.

67)grapho- To write, describe/ Telling particulars about an event in graphic detail.

68)deka- ten/ The Decapolis was a group of ten cities that represented Roman law and jurisprudence in Israel.

69)derma- skin/ The study of skin is dermatology and a skin doctor is a dermatologist.

70)deuteros- second in time, place or rank/ The Bible book Deuteronomy literally means the second (deuteros) law (nomy). The law was given by Moses for the second time in the book of Deuteronomy because all of the original Israelites died in the wilderness after the Exodus except for Joshua and Caleb.

71)diabolos- Satan, false accuser, devil/ We obviously get the word diabolic from this Greek word. Diabolic means the same thing, derivative from both Greek and Latin. Devilish, the devil. Diablerie means black magic or sorcery, also tracing back to the Greek word for devil.

many more to follow………………………………….


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