The Bear Is On The Prowl

Russia just hosted the Winter Olympics in their new city of Sochi, a custom made place for this event. Immediately after the flame was extinguished and the games were over, Russia has taken control of the Ukrainian Crimean peninsula overlooking the Black
Sea. One never knows what Russia is up to. Winston Churchill called Russia “a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.” Crimea has had Russian influence for hundreds of years. Catherine the Great took control of this locale while we were fighting the American Revolution with Great Britain. Nikita Kruschev once again gained access to the area a generation ago. Crimea offers a warm water port which is essential to the landlocked Russia. The peninsula is also rich in oil. The majority of the people living there are Russian.
President Barry Obama told Mitt Romney during their presidential debates that “…the cold war has been over for a long time.” Stupid is as stupid says. Where is Ronald Wilson Reagan when we need him? Reagan advocated: “peace through strength.” So did Teddy Roosevelt: “walk softly and carry a big stick.” Do you remember the television commercial that came on during Reagan’s campaign for the presidency? “There is a wild bear in the woods. It is a predator and unpredictable. Should we trust it?” Our nation rearmed during the Reagan years. Obama just decided we are now going to down size our armed forces to pre World War II numbers. Vladimir Putin is playing the naive Barry Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry like a fiddle. The Pentagon has no contingency plan for the Russian rattling of sabers and flexing of military muscle in the Ukraine! Putin has watched the weak, insipid, vacillating and anemic Obama “stand down” in Benghazi and allow four ambassadors to be killed, draw red lines that he does not enforce, and most recently our president has threatened Syria in reference to their use of chemical weapons and again he did not back up his words. [Putin is an ex KGB handler. He is therefore gifted at sizing up character and assessing individuals. Putin has found Obama to be a feckless phony, full of rhetoric but without actions to back it up. The Russian president determined early in Obama’s administration that he would be a soft touch and easy to manipulate.] The Bear has never left us. It has been in hibernation, and now that the time is right, the voracious predator is coming out to forage for food.
Russian leaders are expansionists who seize opportunities, especially when their adversaries are naive. This situation is similar to Adolf Hitler signing a “peace” agreement with British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain prior to World War II. Chamberlain was likewise very daft in trusting Hitler.
During the closing years of World War II, the Russian soldiers pursued the Nazis back to Berlin, but they did not go straight to Berlin. They took a circuitous route from the south, and captured the areas of Bulgaria, Romania, Yugoslavia and more…. They knew they would keep these counties and incorporate them into the United Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR) after the war. The Russians have historically desired buffer states. With Barry Obama in the White House, the Bear will be on the prowl and Russia may once again become very well insulated from potential threats. President Obama is a boy among men in the realm of foreign policy. He lacks savvy and he is not respected by the leaders of the world.
Many theologians feel that this scenario fits perfectly into endtimes prophecy. Obama seems to be doing everything he can to destabilize and weaken the United States of America. Russia is gaining strength once again, and she and her allies are all enemies of Israel! Obama has displayed disdain towards Israel and her prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Our president is enabling ALL of Israel’s enemies, including the Taliban and the Muslim Brotherhood. When one reads the Bible about Israel in the last days, she is surrounded by enemies with no one to protect her, and the Lord will come to her rescue.

Maranatha, Pastor Steve


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