The Missing Link

Dear Folks, Following is a comment I made in reference to an article on a “missing link” found in North America. It was an article found in Yahoo, and they afford others the opportunity to react to your comment– either “for” or “against.” My comment at last check had 3 for and 18 opposed. No surprise. Do not expect popularity when expounding upon truth. The Deceiver and Father Of Lies is doing a great job, eh? Why do I do this? In order to be God’s tool to touch someone somewhere. Whatever it takes. By the way, I noticed it is Darwin Day and there is more than one article espousing evolution. I saw another article discrediting the Bible as well. Blessings, Pastor Steve

“Ah yes, another missing link has been found. I am glad that these fascinating articles are all “scientific.” Like the prior findings of Cro Magnum and Neanderthal by Dr. Leakey in Africa, and a host of others in the last sixty to seventy years. One link was built upon the tooth of an extinct pig, with other totally unrelated bones in the area arbitrarily added. Another ape man was later found to be a part of a people group who were infected with rickets. Yet another was simply found to be an extinct ape. This “science” is the equivalent to speculating over the stock market and forecasting the hurricane season before it occurs. If you consider this science, then please: “beam me up Scottie…” There is NEVER contrition displayed when it is revealed that they have once again dropped the ball. If you want to claim this “ape man” as your ancestor then go for it. I was made, however, in the image of God. Yes, there is an Intelligent Designer who made everything perfect. This is not a cosmic crapshoot. The only change ever observed by REAL science is microevolution, which is within the same kind and species. Macroevolution, however, has never been observed — rocks to slime to fish to amoeba to ape to man, etc.”


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