Greek Word Study, Part V

52)anomos- without law/ The Greek root for “law” is “nomy” from which we get “Deuteronomy” which literally means second law, since the law was given to the Israelites for the second time. The prefix “a” means without, hence anomos means without the law. Antinomian means against the law, and could refer to one who abuses grace, ignoring the law. These are dangerous people. The Bible says that Jesus came to “fulfill the law,” not do away with it. (Matthew 5:17; Luke 24:44).

53)soma- body/ Soma is the Greek transliteration for body.

54)apologia- clearing of self, defence/ The Greek word took a large turn in current English usage. One can easily see that we get the word “apologize” from the Greek root, but the word means anything except that! Apologetics is the study of proofs that defend the integrity of the Bible. Studies in apologetics would be creation vs. evolution, science, history, anthropology and many others. People who are erudite in apologetics are defenders of the Christian faith.

55)apostolos- messenger, he that is sent/ The Greek word apostolos is the root of our word “apostles.” Jesus chose the twelve original apostles and several others became apostles later. These men were used by God to anchor the early church, write the Bible, and spread the Gospel. They were the foundation of the early church; see Ephesians 2:20. These men also experienced and met the risen Christ. If anyone today tells you that there are modern day apostles, then RUN AWAY FROM THEM. There were not even second generation apostles after the original ones! There have been no more apostles for nearly two thousand years since the church and Bible are established, and Lord is done with that office.

56)armageddon- the site of the last decisive battle between good and evil/ In a general sense it means any great decisive battle. Armageddon comes from the root “Megiddo,” which is a famous battlefield in Israel where many battles were fought. Most Christians refer to Armageddon as the battle that takes place immediately prior to Jesus Christ establishing His millennial reign.

57)archpoimen- chief shepherd/ We already considered “poimen” as a reference to the shepherding aspect of a pastor’s duties and calling. “Arch” means premier or chief such as Michael the archangel, hence archpoimen is the chief shepherd.

58)aroma- scent, sweet spice/ What is there to say? This is a straight translation from the Greek to English in both spelling and meaning.

59)aster- a star/ We get the word “asterisk” from this root. Here are a couple asterisks: **. Aster is the word used by the wise men for the star they saw in the east which announced Christ’s birth.

60)baptizo- baptize/ The meaning is to submerge TOTALLY under water. This is an ordinance of the church. The Latin transliteration is identical to the Greek. This act represents the death, burial and resurrection of both Jesus Christ and the believer, AND this represents one who is now dead to sin and raised up a new creature in Christ Jesus (see II Corinthians 5:17).

61)bema- judgment seat/ This is the judgment seat whereby a Christian will be awarded for their works, whether good or bad. Only the born again Christian stands at the Bema judgment seat, and this judgment is solely for their works. A Christian in poor standing with the Lord will have their works burn up like wood, hay and stubble, nonetheless they will be saved with their coat tail on fire, because their salvation is based on the blood of Christ and not their good works. They will lose their reward(s) however, if their motives and heart are not right. The unbeliever or lost soul, however, stands at the Great White Throne Judgment, where they will be judged outside of Christ and cast into hell for all eternity.


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