Global Warming

Ah, yes! This cold blowing winter is reminiscent of my youth in Chi Town. There was the “snow of the century” on January 26-27, 1967 when 23 inches (that is not even counting the drifts in the windy city) fell at the rate of an inch an hour. My dad and I shoveled only one half the driveway and it resembled a tunnel. [Do you remember working all day to remove the driveway of snow, and then the snow plow would clear your street, block you in and you had to start all over again?] The snow did not all melt until we were pushing summer. Well, as Yogi Berra always said: “It is Deja Vu all over again.” Do you boomers remember that when we were kids, the talk was of a new ice age descending upon us? Well, check out the weather up north lately. This coming Monday, The HIGH in Chicago will be -10. The temperature in Winnipeg, Canada was recently fifty three degrees below zero. That is colder than the surface of the planet Mars. Yes, if you threw a pan of water into the air, it would hit the ground as ice cubes. On Christmas Eve a Russian ship with 52 scientists and tourists was stranded and locked in by ice in Antarctica. They went there to study GLOBAL WARMING. A Chinese ice breaker went to their assistance and got stuck as well. The passengers were recently rescued by helicopter prior to this writing.
Global warming is a “crisis” invented by globalists and earth loving liberals, who focus too much on the creation and not the Creator. These “studies” by left wing proponents consolidate power and money, and require tremendous funds from developed nations like ourselves. It is obviously a political ploy that would be a major step towards a one world government. Almost every year at about this time, I laugh at their poster boy Al Gore, who claims he also invented the internet. The moral of the story? The scariest issue we Americans face that is coming down the pike is NOT terrorism or even Al Qaeda. The thing that concerns me most is simply a liberal with a cause, and their convoluted, twisted and fuzzy “logic.” They are confused by the facts and cannot be reasoned with. If you are one to make new year resolutions, pray that God would raise up leaders in our nation who love the values our great nation was built upon, and that He would stifle the nefarious ambitions of people who want to take our nation in another direction.
HAPPY NEW YEAR! Live for Christ as never before, Pastor Steve


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