Why Christmas Is So Meaningful To the Believer: Jesus Christ In The Old Testament

Since Jesus is eternal God, we understand that He ALWAYS existed. Before the creation (John 17:5), throughout the Old Testament, and of course from Bethlehem onward. The following are four tremendous watersheds of study whereby He may be found throughout the Old Testament:

1)Theophany- Jesus actually appears numerous times during the Old Testament. For example: a)On the plains of Mamre with two angels before Abraham. b)As the Captain of the Lord of Hosts to Joshua near Jericho. c)In the fiery furnace with Meshach, Shradrack and Abednego. d)He met Moses at the burning bush. ……..these are a few and there are many, many others.

2)Typology- We are told in Corinthians that many things happened in the Old Testament that were types of events that were later fulfilled in the New Testament. For instance, the tabernacle was fulfilled in Christ, and lengthly books have been written, describing this in detail. Old Testament Joseph and David were types of Christ, they represented Jesus and were shadows of His life. Every oxen, goat, lamb, and all other animal sacrifices in the Old Testament were fulfilled in Christ!

3)Prophecy- Literally hundreds of Old Testament prophecies have or will be fulfilled in Christ. For instance, Zechariah 9:9 tells us that He would ride a donkey into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. Isaiah 7:14 tells us that He would be born of a virgin. Jesus fulfilled over thirty prophecies during the time of His crucifixion! He did this so we would be able to easily believe! ……and He is coming again!

4)Genealogy- The family tree of Jesus Christ goes back to Adam. You cannot go back any farther! His ancestry was made plain and is a thrilling study in itself. Christ’s line is portrayed in Matthew as the royal line and in Luke as the legal line. By the way, if you believe in the inerrancy of the scriptures as I do, the generations going back to Adam only give the earth about 6,000 years back to creation! God made man at creation (Mark 10:6), and He did not leave the universe as some kind of primeval jello floating around haphazardly for millions and billions of years (The mantra of evolutionists). It is really foolish to believe in such nonsense because God is the God of order and purpose, not one of chaos and confusion! My question is why cannot these educated “scientists” simply believe in the Bible on face value? The answer is ultimately that they really DO NOT BELIEVE, despite their phony lip service and rhetoric.

The above four themes summarize the Christology of the Old Testament, and they furthermore enhance a better understanding of the New Testament and the Person of Jesus Christ.

Have A Very Merry Christmas
Pastor Steve


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