The Theology Of Rick Warren And The Purpose Driven Movement

Nearly two years ago, a member of our church noted that pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback church made a statement in an attempt to consolidate Islamic and Christian relations. Warren said: “….we both believe in the same God.” These unbelievable statements are a trademark in his ministry. He wins many over by saying: “I am just a regular guy.” Others sympathize with him as well we should, over the recent tragic loss of his son. But these issues have absolutely nothing to do with the faulty theology that comes from his ministry. Why does Mr. Warren not tell Muslims that Mohammad needs to be saved through the blood of Christ? What an opportunity to do so. If the cross alone saves (Acts 4:12; John 14:6), then why does Mr. Warren not play the role of a Christian evangelist and share the Gospel with Muslims rather than compromise with them? Following is my response to our parishioner who asked me my thoughts about Rick Warren. If you are interested in further information, simply Google pastor Rick Warren and you will see endless information associating him with the New Age Movement, universalism, compromise, Chrislam (the path to one world religion) and much more. Many in Christendom are offended by this type of information. Truth vs. deception means more to me than anything, and my understanding and accepting truth means more than friendship with anyone. Henry Clay said: “I would rather be right than president.” You can judge one better by their enemies than by their friends. By the way, Jesus said we would have enemies (of the cross) and He said to love them. “To be a friend of the world is to be an enemy of God.”

Warren has vacillated with the themes of universalism, homosexuality, relationship with Robert Schuller, salvation, and many other important Christian themes ever since he has been in the public eye. I would expect him to deny all these things because if he did not, he would immediately lose all credibility. I dialoged with a Purpose Driven Church (PDC) Public Relations (PR) man, Gilbert Thurston, several years ago and I never cared for his answers defending the PDC movement. David Hunt of the Berean Call (TBC), John MacArthur and Phil Johnson (Grace To You), Gary Gilley, Paige Patterson (a great leader and theologian), James Sundquist (author of Who’s Driving the Purpose Driven Church), Noah Hutchings of Southwest Radio, and most recently Jack Van Impe have all exposed Rick Warren and his teachings. I spoke to Paige Patterson personally and he told me tactfully at a meeting in Sarasota “that there were major concerns about Warren’s theology.” If you Google him and study him for a couple two or three hours, you will observe that the theologians who are erudite in the Word question his theology and expose him. Study him. Have you EVER heard Charles Stanley, John MacArthur, Chuck Swindall, Adrian Rogers, Johnny Hunt, Jerry Falwell, Jerry Vines, Hayes Wicker, David Jeremiah, Max Lucado, Jack Van Impe, Dr. D. James Kennedy, Franklin Graham, etc., etc. questioned and suspected in such a way? No. There is no conspiracy against Rick Warren. His theology and public statements often go against the grain of our faith. He says on page 220 of the PDC book …”anyone can be won to Christ if you discover the key to his/her heart.” A fellow pastor said to me about that statement: “Well, what is wrong with that?” I told him it was an apostate statement. I do not look for keys. I share the Gospel and the Lord “has mercy upon whom He will have mercy.” Couldn’t Jesus, God’s only begotten Son, find the key to the Rich Young Ruler’s heart? What an apostate statement, diametrically opposed to the Bible, making salvation man centered rather than God centered. [Mr. Warren: Please note that Jesus said to repent (Matthew 4:17; Luke 13:3,5) and be born again (John 3:3). THIS IS AN ACT OF GOD. Salvation has absolutely nothing to do with finding keys to people’s hearts. If his understanding of salvation is skewed, then the whole of his theology is convoluted as well.] His ministry is replete with these things. The key is this: Where there is smoke there is fire! I have noticed that everyone who is a bonafide and sound Bible theologian questions and suspects Warren. The masses follow him. I have never trusted him nor did I ever finish the above cited PDC book he wrote. Look at him on Google. He has a section called New Age and many other questionable headings. You will not find that with Charles Stanley. Again, please feel free to forward this if you feel led. God bless, Pastor Steve


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