The Preincarnate Christ, Part IV, The Theophany-

We have investigated the Christ from the Old Testament in three categories: genealogy, prophecy and typology. That leaves only one more category: theophany. What is a theophany? It is usually the appearance of the Godhead in the form of a human being, however in the case of Moses it was in the form of a burning bush! How do we know when a true appearance of God occurs in such a manner? The attributes of God are displayed. (His power, majesty and holiness). The human being(s) involved in the encounter are truly humbled. They are usually given directives and/or an important message from God. Most importantly, and this seals the deal, they WORSHIP God right on the spot, often taking their shoes off when they do so. Please note: The Bible is emphatic that NO ONE is to ever be worshipped EXCEPT for God Himself. No, not even an angel! The apostle John who wrote the book of Revelation was reproved through an angel by the Lord Himself because he attempted to worship the angel who gave him the message in the book. This is definitely the largest proof of a real theophany—- the humans who encounter God WORSHIP Him. Consider the proof texts that angels are not to be worshipped— only God Himself is to be worshipped: Revelation 19:9-10; 22:8-9. In the days to come, five Biblical examples of a theophany will follow. The examples given are not exhaustive, only representative of the countless appearances of the Godhead in the Old Testament.


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