Joseph….The Foreshadow (Type) Of The Savior

Note the amazing similarities between these two……..

Old Testament Joseph and Jesus……….

1)No sin is mentioned about either man.
2)Both returned good for evil.
3)Beloved by their fathers.
4)Regarded themselves as shepherds.
5)Sent by their fathers to their brethren.
6)Hated by their brethren without a cause.
7)Plotted against by their brethren.
8)Severely tempted.
9)Taken to Egypt.
10)Stripped of their robes.
11)Sold for the price of a slave.
13)Remained silent and offered no defense.
14)Falsely accused.
15)Experienced God’s presence through everything.
16)Respected by their jailors.
17)Placed with two prisoners, one of which was later lost, the other saved.
18)Both around thirty at the beginning of their ministry.
19)Both highly exalted after their sufferings.
20)Both took non-Jewish brides.
21)Both lost to their brethren for awhile.
22)Both forgave and restored their repentant brothers.
23)Both visited and honored by all earthly nations.

Yes, indeed, God once again leaves undeniable proof as to the Divine inspiration of the scriptures, for anyone with spiritual eyes to see.


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