Are There Moderate Muslims? (In response to the senseless brutal murders of citizens from around the globe in the Nairobi, Kenya shopping mall)

Exposing this so called “radical” Islam would be a novel idea in journalism…. When Muslims come into power, this is normal Islam, at least for anyone who studies Mohammad’s “theology.” This is classic Islam as written by the only author of the Koran and practiced by him. If you are not Islam you die, was the theology of Mohammed at their founding, and El Shabab in the Nairobi, Kenya shopping mall. Maybe if ignorant Americans would examine our Marines’ assault on Tripoli during the late 1700’s, or the two attempts by Islam to destroy Europe, from the west through Spain and France around 700 AD and through the East around 1400 AD, they would come to the right conclusion that peaceful Islam and coexistence are oxymorons. If you believe full blown Islam is peaceful and tolerant when they gain the upper hand, then declare and share your Christian faith in Sudan, Pakistan, Oman, Yeman, Saudi Arabia and a host of other Muslim nations. By the way, please tell me which prominent Muslim nations or groups disassociated themselves from the cowardly and diabolical attack on 9/11/01? I have not heard of any. They only planned the million Muslim march on our nation’s capital on 9/11 of course. I praise the Lord that it was a total flop and bust, and that bikers spoke for American freedoms for all, and for our citizens, fire fighters, policemen and paramedics who were brutally murdered by followers of this “peaceful” religion.



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