Vintage Islam Doing Their Thing In Nairobi, Kenya…………………….

Yes indeed. As Muslims stormed a shopping mall at the above locale, they gave every patron a choice with a gun to their head. They were asked if they were Muslim, and were pelted with follow up questions to prove their knowledge of Allah and the Koran. If they passed the test, they were exonerated and given the gift of life. If they failed the test or denied being a Muslim, then their heads were blown off. The “lame stream” media ALWAYS refers to these folks as “radical” Muslims. I am here today to tell you that they are simply following the teachings of the only author of the Koran—– Mohammad. Mohammad taught and employed this exact philosophy of “convert or die,” at the inception of this Satanic religion in Mecca and Medina around 620 AD. Most naïve Americans (especially the press) know nothing (like Sergeant Schultz of Hogan’s Heroes) about this wicked religion. Here are a few facts. (We must pray about this, since liberals are often confused by the facts).
1)Mohammad wrote about and utilized this genocide of non Muslims from the beginning of this religion from hell on the Arabian peninsula.
2)Muslims attempted to destroy and “convert” Europe from the west in the time frame of 700’s AD. They were defeated by Frankish Duke and Prince Charles Martel (The Hammer) at Tours, France. Charles was the grandfather of Charlemagne.
3)Muslims attacked Constantinople from the east, captured it and renamed the city Istanbul. They then launched a new assault on Europe from the east in the 1400’s AD. Dracul of Romania was one of many who thwarted their advances, or once again the Muslims would have sacked Europe. (We know Dracul of Romania as Count Dracula, and associate him with the exaggerated claims and fictitious stories from Hollywood vampire and horror movies).
4)Early in our nation’s history, the United States’ Marines stormed the beaches of Tripoli (today this city is in Libya) as they pursued and soundly defeated the Muslim Barbary pirates. Our founding fathers, including statesman, diplomat and later president Thomas Jefferson were aghast at these Muslims who attacked and killed defenseless women and children.
5)9/11/01 We know all about this event, yet we deny to associate it with the entire Muslim world even though it is totally in step with the teachings of Mohammad and his Koran. Liberals marginalize these events as performed by “extremists.” Please tell me the following quotation is not true: “The only thing we have learned from history is that man never learns from history.” There are still no major Muslim movements on God’s green earth who have disassociated themselves from 9/11/01 because they approve of it and to refresh your memories, they were dancing in the streets throughout the world.


Conclusion: We are a nation that has thwarted off God in the last generation. We must pray for the victims of this violent religion filled with hate, murder and rape. We do not deserve it, but we must pray for God to protect this nation from this evil religion. We need to especially pray for lost Muslims, and that they would know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, and we need to desperately cry out for a windswept revival in the United States of America. II Chronicles 7:14.

Blessings, Pastor Steve


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