The 9/11/13 Million Muslim March On Washington, D.C. ……………..

……was a flop. For this I am thankful. Barack Obama’s governmental appointees, the State Department, judicial positions, and politicians from all venues–especially federal, are being rapidly filled with Muslims. But grassroots mainstream America made a statement yesterday. The Muslim March was suppose to confront American fears of their religion. But patriotic American bikers won the day. They wore the old colonial “Don’t Tread On Me” demeanor, and rode into Washington D.C. because they wanted to honor the slain Americans, N.Y. fire fighters, police officers, E.M.S. paramedics and citizens, twelve years after the fact. Estimates had their total number at about 880,000. Former New York City Mayor Rudy Guiliani said that the bikers were a testament. A biker spokesman said they also “came to support our Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and make it well known that we cherish our freedoms and are against any fundamental transformation of America.” They did well in my opinion. The government sanctioned and licensed the Muslim March, but not the bikers. The bikers’ march succeeded, whereas the Muslim March was attended by absolutely no one. This should tell us volumes about the priorities, focus and direction of our federal government. Now, where is the church in this equation? What do we do to fight this radical religion? We do not fight it, we promote “the way, the truth, and the life.” (John 14:6) We promote THE Author of salvation, the Lord Jesus Christ. We seek revival within the church and evangelism without. We burn red hot, filled with zeal and fervor for God. Radical Islam can enter only in a vacuum. Lift up Jesus Christ, be filled with the Spirit, let your life become a living witness and God will do the rest! Maranatha, Pastor Steve


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