Two Quotations About Obama Refusing To Take Responsibility For His “Red Line” Comments About Syria

Donald Rumsfeld (Former Defense Secretary) “This president has found a way to blame everybody or anybody for everything. Leadership requires you to stand up and take responsibility. I cannot imagine him saying I did not draw the red line, but he did draw the red line.”

Michelle Malkin (Fox News Contributor) “He (Obama) looked nervous at a press conference in Sweden and he should look nervous. Because after throwing the U.S. and Congress under the bus on the world stage, there is not really much ground left for him to stand on and a lot of people wish he would not come back after that performance. HE IS REALLY A PATHOLOGICAL BUCK PASSER. The unprecedented fecklessness and recklessness that has been shown by this White House is not going to help him in those negotiations and discussions. Obama dissed Congress over the last several weeks over our involvement in Syria and now says it is their credibility that is on the line; this is crazy. The lack of credibility of the teleprompter president would be funny if there were not so many American lives at stake which only makes this a dark farce.” [Michelle’s comments after Obama slams Senate and Congress on foreign soil].

I could not agree more with the above quotes. Here is Obama’s quote on the “red line”– “Not my red line, not my credibility , not my fault.”

…..what more is there to say?  Pastor Steve  <><

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