Syria, latest in the news……………

“I double dog dare ya!” If you are a baby boomer then you remember this saying that kids would use when encouraging their friends to perform a “not so nice or a risky” deed. This seems to be the “leading from behind” and “we will send a shot across the bow” strategy of our president. One year ago, he warned Syria about crossing the red line which would result in severe military repercussions. The red line was chemical weapons.  Syria has crossed the line, killing well over 1,000 of their citizens. Now the president is equivocating and vacillating like the neophyte he is, in regards to international diplomacy and foreign policy. He cannot blame George W. Bush for this one, so he is calling the red line, a mark that was established by America, our Congress and even by the world (International Community)! He is an embarrassment to our nation as this incident drags on without closure. Does he not remind you of the playground bully who asks one “to knock this block off of my shoulder, step over this line, and finally to step inside this circle?” Once the opponent does these things, the bully backs off. Pray that our nation would do the right thing, despite the president’s ineptitude and empty rhetoric. He is actually seeking counsel from Republican John McCain and others, which is encouraging.

Syria is the latest flavor on the shelf in the powder keg of the Middle East. I consider every major event as having the potential to set off apocalyptic events in this volatile region. This mindset was likewise represented on a Christian radio talk show that I heard today. Do you remember the cause of World War I? Archduke Franz Ferdinand of the Austria-Hungarian Hapsburg Dynasty was assassinated by a zealous Serbian citizen, and within the following months, the major nations throughout Europe all took sides in the First World War. The murder of the archduke was the harbinger to World War I. I believe that an event in the Middle East will define opponents in the Middle East in much the same fashion. Any event in this area could precipitate an “end times” scenario, so keep an eye on the Middle East and pray for Israel. Blessings, Pastor Steve


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