Archaeology and Other Apologetics

Archaeology and Other Apologetics
The Bible and its history are constantly questioned because it is God’s Word and condemns man as a sinner in need of a Savior. Satan rules the world system and is the Father of Lies. No one would question the historical accuracy about Julius Caesar’s assassination on March 15 (The Ides of March), 44 B.C., but EVERYTHING in the Bible is suspect. Illus. King David’s very existence is questioned. Jesus Christ Himself is not respected and believed in by many in our day, hence the conversion of time tables from B.C./A.D. to B.C.E./C.E. The television History and Discovery Channels likewise view Sodom and Gomorrah as fables. They realize that if they are not fables, then we could be in trouble! Because of this built in scepticism of fallen man, the following apologetic tools come in handy in order to defend our faith:

1)Longevity Chart (from Adam to Joseph) Archbishop James Usshur wrote a famous work called History of the World, whereby he documents the time line from Adam to Joseph. This is 100% Biblically accurate and accounts for about 6,000 years in this duration. Creation Science Evangelism (CSE) has duplicated this document which can be purchased from It is called the Longevity Chart Adam To Joseph.

2)Anthropology (Study of Man).


4)Science That is REAL Science and not speculation.

5)Linguistics (Study of Languages).

6)Population Settlement and Demographics.


***KEY…. All go back 6,000 years to the cradle of God’s creation of man–the Fertile Crescent. “Millions and billions is the mantra of evolutionists who arbitrarily add and subtract zeros (usually add). Watch out for the buzzwords and phrases– people who do not literally believe the Bible refer to “Theistic Evolution” or “Progressive Creation” which are the same thing.***


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