Collision Course 9/11/13

In two short weeks from this writing, two groups plan to march on Washington, D.C.  One million Muslims will descend on our nation’s capitol in order to protest their perceived discriminations since the events exactly twelve years ago on the date of the march. Do you remember? Do you recall the total acceptance and even jubilation of the entire Muslim world without any dissent whatsoever? [And there still is none]. Yes indeed, they are busy planning on building a mosque on this newly conquered turf, whereby their “heroes” flew jet airliners into massive buildings and killed thousands of innocent civilians. Another group of two million bikers are planning on arriving in Washington ON THE SAME DAY in order to honor, respect and remember the slain from these massive terror attacks. The Muslims’ desire sounds stark raving mad to do such a thing. The bikers’ goal sounds like an all American desire, in order to counter this insanity. Muslim theology is best summed up succinctly in Genesis 16:12, and the verse holds true to this day. Their founders’ beliefs to take over the world through eliminating anyone who is not a Muslim, has not changed a bit in their 1400 year history. Mohammad killed on the Arabian peninsula as their opening act, and they continue with the west currently in their crosshairs. Incidentally, how would you like to be a uniformed law enforcement officer in Washington, D.C. on this date?
As Christians, we need to pray for a peaceful outcome to this potentially volatile powder keg. We also need to pray that Muslims realize that we Americans love our freedoms, and will not allow sharia law to take over.  If you are not aware of the real agenda of Islam, please refer to the category in this blog site on radical Islam, which covers their entire history. In Christ, Pastor Steve


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