Why Did The Bengazi Coverup Happen To Begin With?

What was the motive when the facts were altered about what happened in Benghazi, that resulted in the senseless death of four American citizens? Why were life and death pleas for assistance ignored? Why were the facts changed, that this was a disturbance over an anti Islamic movie rather than an Al Queda terrorist attack? Many analysts believe that it is all about politics. President Obama often boasted that Al Queda terrorists were under control, and no longer a threat, ever since Osama Bin Laden was killed. If a legitimate Al Queda attack came to the surface just prior to the election, this could severely damage his credibility and chances for a second term. Hence the spin and lies that were said about the incident. On Monday, 5/6/13, White House press secretary Jay Carney flipped the tragedy off, saying this happened: “…a long time ago.” The administration wants this in the rear view mirror, but America demands justice. I also believe that President Obama wants to camoflage every Islamic terrorist attack that happens, so that Muslims appear to be a peaceful people who would be great American citizens. Remember Fort Hood and the recent Boston Marathon? These and many other incidents were done by Muslim terrorists and President Obama repetitively echoes: “We must not rush to judgment…..”


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