Where Are The Other Nine?

…………were the famous words that Jesus asked the one leper who thanked Him after he was healed by our Lord. The Boston Marathon incident has just come to a close, as one terrorist was killed and the other apprehended. We should be happy, even joyful at the outcome—this is indeed wonderful that this entire incident was wrapped up within five days. People are now chanting U.S.A. over and over, and there is an obvious euphoria over the outcome. We should indeed thank all of our law enforcement personnel, astute citizens, technology, and the cooperation of all of the above. But what about God? One of the trademarks of the born again Christian who is walking with the Lord is an attitude of gratitude in all things. God protects a nation, when it obeys His statutes. He will ultimately judge a country that keeps on rebelling. I am concerned that after God’s current blessing of bringing this incident to a close, that we will continue to ignore and disobey Him, and the next incident in Chicago or Los Angeles may not turn out so well. Although we are thankful for the efforts of all the people involved, without His blessing, “those who labor, labor in vain.” Thank you Father for bringing this tragedy to a rapid close. We pray that our citizenry would realize Who watched over this entire incident and blessed the outcome.



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