When The Church Loses Her Effectiveness, The Spirit Of Antichrist Boldly Comes To The Forefront

I am truly embarrassed by the actions of a professor who teaches at my alma mater, Florida Atlantic University (FAU), in Boca Raton, Florida. About two weeks ago he led his class in an exercise that was suppose to enhance their cultural freedom and awareness. They all wrote the word “Jesus” on a piece of paper and then stamped on it! Yes indeed, this was done at a university. The irony is that kindergarteners would be way too mature to engage in such a deplorable deed. The teacher obviously could not have cared less about offending any Christians in his class. He is part of the antichrist spirit whether he knows it or not. The Holy Spirit and the Word of God are all that hold back the floodgates of sin from totally taking over our nation and world. The teacher recognized that the name of Jesus is the restrainer of the total moral anarchy that will consume the world during time of the Great Tribulation. The press quickly broadcasted this story everywhere, and an apology was quickly offered by the school. I sincerely wonder, however, if they were truly sorry, or if this was simply perfunctory lip service rendered after they “let the cat out of the bag.” How about another example? Rick Warren’s 27 year old son tragically just committed suicide. I learned about this on my computer’s Yahoo home page. His son struggled with mental illness and depression all of his life. The members of their church, Saddleback, were aware of this and continually lifted him up in prayer. I was truly aghast at some of the comments from readers of the article. One suggested that since Warren was “the biggest serial homophobe on the planet, that he was the cause of his son taking his own life.” Others were even worse and not worthy of print. The famous NFL coach Tony Dungee also had a son who took his own life, and so many other people have had similar experiences. So, why was Rick Warren singled out? Because he is a Southern Baptist pastor who preaches from the Bible and has espoused that homosexuality is sinful and not natural. Rick hates no one, but today, there is no tolerance from our rapidly decaying culture to even accept one’s Biblical viewpoint that sodomy is sinful in the sight of God. The hatred of our populace for the Word of God is so great that they will vilify a pastor who simply stands on the Word, and even has the audacity to blame his son’s death on him! In my opinion this is truly wicked, and indicative of a brazen antichrist spirit in our land. It is time for Christians to be ever loving, tactful and kind, but we also need to be UNCOMPROMISING when we share God’s truth. Do not let the fear of the world system and fallen man dictate to you what you should say. They need to hear the truth more than ever. How do we overcome our human fear and weakness? “The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.” If Jesus Christ is number one in our lives, we will lose our trepidation of the world around us.

Because of Him Pastor Steve


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