Two Things Lacking After The Boston Bombings…………………..

When President Obama reacted to yesterday’s Boston bombings towards the end of their annual Marathon, two things were lacking: 1) There was no mention of terrorism whatsoever. This should cause concern, and tells volumes of his perception of the world. It also is revealing about his priorities. 2) Also conspicuously absent and even more relevant was the omission of any reference to God. His statement was basically that “…..we will find them (the perpetrators) and bring them to justice.” God was not referred to period. If we neglect God in the crunch, then where is our faith anyway? Is it even worth having? My personal conviction is that a godless people who seek circus, entertainment and a free ride from Uncle Sam, placed a godless president in office. Obama is the first president to claim “this is no longer a Christian nation.” He has not only sanctioned sodomy (which is still against the law in many states of our country), but for the first time in HUMAN HISTORY, a United States president and world leader condones “gay marriage.” And, of course, abortion on demand is a given, since our intellectual elite has decided that the child with a soul is really only a choice. Like the “thumbs up or down” of ancient Roman emperors, we decide who will live or die. When a nation who formerly endorsed Christian principles, ratifies sodomite marriages, if this mindset keeps up (and there is no indication that it will change), then the bombing in Boston may look like a mere dress rehersal for what will happen in the near future! Lord help this sin sick nation that is clueless, leaderless, and has surrendered power to those who seek not God.

Proverbs 14:34 “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.”

Note: President Obama did in fact call this an act of terrorism after the fact. I believe that pressure from conservatives such as Glenn Beck contributed to this. Up until now, the word “terrorism” has been largely absent from our president’s vocabulary during all of his public statements.


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