The New Pope Is A Jesuit. Do You Know The Origin Of The Jesuits?

Pope Francis is the first pope who is a Jesuit. When the Jesuits were first founded, they had three goals in mind:

1)To found schools in Europe in order to solidify their clergy.

2)The conversion of non Catholics to their religion.

3)Last, but definately not least, they were a Counter-Reformation to the Protestant Reformation, and their goal was to stop the spread of Protestantism. Depending upon the influence they wielded at particular times throughout history, their opposition to Protestantism ranged from outright persecution to infiltration, but there was always an element resisting the growth of Protestant believers and churches. For instance, in a very famous and lengthly quotation, Abraham Lincoln attributed the support of the South in the Civil War to the Vatican, Popery, and the Roman Catholic Church. Common sense would dictate that the Jesuits would be estatic about the Civil War, whereby this unique Protestant nation (the United States of America was 98.6% Protestant at the signing of the Declaration of Independence) was fighting against and killing each other. The Vatican supported the South, believing that prolonging the war would obviously be to their advantage. Yes indeed, as a history major I have always found fact to be stranger than fiction.

Because Of Him, Pastor Steve <><


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