The Iron Lady

We must acknowledge this tremendous leader/prime minister at her passing. Margaret Thatcher was the bookend and political soul mate of Ronald Wilson Reagan. She is quoted elsewhere in this blog. Another of her famous quips: “If you want to talk about doing something, get a man. If you want to do something about it, get a woman.” Much to my chagrin, my wife agreed in a heartbeat. Margaret did not pussyfoot around during the Falkland Islands crisis, and she stemmed the tide of socialism in Britain. I have two other favorite leaders among the British. The first is Winston Churchill, who I have always referred to as “Bulldog,” because of his stubborn tenacity and refusal to surrender to the Nazis, and he looks like a bulldog. He led Britain through their darkest hour and with God’s help, it became their finest hour. He replaced the inept and compromising prime minister Neville Chamberlain, who Adolf Hitler played like a fiddle. The third favorite of mine is Queen Elizabeth—–no, not the current Queen Elizabeth, but Queen Elizabeth I, the daughter of Henry VIII from the House of Tudor. She commissioned Sir Francis Drake as a privateer to plunder the Spanish galleons and the conquistadors who operated them. He was a Protestant preacher who sailed his vessel the Golden Hind into battle. Drake was also the first European to circumnavigate the entire globe! It was under Queen Elizabeth’s reign that the English warships miraculously plundered and soundly defeated the Spanish Armada in 1588. This battle dramatically changed the landscape of Europe and made England a naval superpower. Queen Elizabeth was indeed blessed by God, and entirely Biblical and Protestant in her beliefs.

History is awesome when God’s people reign………..

In Christ Pastor Steve


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