The Double Standard

Twin killings have happened during this past week and in both cases the perpetrators said they did it for the thrill of it, and were both senseless random acts of violence. Christopher Lane, from Australia, was a college student and baseball player. He was shot in the back for no reason in Oklahoma. This past Wednesday, World War II veteran Delbert “Shorty” Belton, 88 years of age, was in the parking lot of his favorite hangout– The Eagles Lodge, in Spokane, Washington, waiting for a buddy to go bowling with. Shorty survived Okinawa, and received a purple heart for being shot in the leg. Shorty was robbed and beat up in the parking lot, however, and left dead.
The murderers in both crimes have been apprehended and most were found to be African Americans. Conspicuously absent from these awful deeds, was any comment from our civil rights leaders Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Jackson made an anemic response after public pressure, but only a mere generic comment or two. A far cry from the recent Zimmerman case indeed! Over the years, I have spoken to people of many ethnic groups, and a lack of respect for Sharpton and Jackson is a common denominator with most. These two “Reverends” seem to be racists in reverse. They are not legitimate successors to Martin Luther King in my opinion. The fact is, neither can hold a candle to him. MLK, although rightfully wanting to elevate black Americans, was truly desirous for a brotherhood of man and one could feel the way he was “glue” to all people. Furthermore, Dr. Martin Luther King could preach strong messages as he was lifted up by the Holy Spirit. I respect King greatly. Jackson and Sharpton, however, are incessant whiners, they polarize Americans rather than unite them, and they target specific national incidents that promote ONLY their own agenda. Now we plainly see how they totally ignore cases where the shoe is on the other foot.

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