The Boy Scouts Of America……………….latest on the bubble

Perhaps by the end of today we will know if the B.S.A. will accept and condone sodomite members and scout masters. Our enlightened president has endorsed this. Unless there are several born again Christians in leadership capacities in scouting, I would expect this further indictment of our nation’s immorality to pass.  I wonder if our president had a son who knowingly had a homosexual scout master, if he would allow him to go with him on an overnight camping trip? The Christian Church is either silent or simply capitulating to this abomination which has swept our land. A former voice of opposition decades ago was the singer Anita Bryant. Anita was slandered and vilified for her stand, and compromised to a “live and let live philosophy.” Anita did not realize that she was entering Satan’s lair and expected everyone to rally behind her. She did not count the cost of taking a firm stand for God. Another prominent voice in opposition was that of Jerry Falwell who has the hide of a rhinocerous. Jerry would still be voicing the truth today if the Lord did not already take him home. Jerry Falwell always wore slander from ungodly people as a badge of honor (Matthew 5:10-12, II Timothy 3:12). What a shame that more believers today cannot do the same! Yes, one with God is a majority. …..”broad is the way that goes to destruction, MANY go thereof. Narrow is the road to the kingdom, there be FEW who find it.” Pastor Steve


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