Quotable Quotations ~ Hillary Rodham Clinton

After our four American citizens were murdered by Al Queda in Benghazi, the former secretary of state- Hillary Rodham Clinton, made a statement filled with heavy emotion and even defiance: “What is the DIFFERENCE how they died? They are all dead. That is all that matters.” I am truly amazed at the statement. Do you think it matters how they died? Do you think Americans care how and why they died? Are their families concerned about the circumstances? Do they deserve an honest answer, and to know the truth? Does it matter? I personally believe it is a very defensive quotation that rings with coverup as opposed to a desire for revelation and truth. Make no mistake, Hillary knows a lot about how they died, and since what is done is done, why bring out the details? That seems to be her mindset. My prayer is for truth and justice to prevail in this awful chapter of American history. As of this writing, Hillary is a Democratic frontrunner for the 2016 elections.


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