Benghazi– The Incident That Will Not Go Away (Previous Entry On This Theme Was November 2, 2012)

Our president intentionally masks and covers up every act of terrorism in order to “deny” the reality of Muslim terrorists and their cowardly attacks. Three whistle blowers have come forth regarding the AL QUEDA attacks and killings of Chris Stevens, the other ambassador, and the two ex Navy Seals/CIA operatives in Benghazi, Libya. They are Eric Nordstrom, Gregory N. Hicks and Mark I. Thompson. Pray for them as they will testify at new Benghazi hearings Wednesday (5/8/13). Do you remember the silly left wing claims that the “disturbance” was the result of an Anti-Muslim film? Barrak Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton, and leadership within the State Deprtment all KNEW this was an Al Queda attack, yet they denied it, and have blood on their hands for intentionally withdrawing support in their time of need. The CIA and United States intelligence knew all about the volatility of the Al Queda presence in this region several months prior to the attack. This is why agencies from other nations previously withdrew from Benghazi. This travesty makes Watergate look like a minor violation in comparison. (No one died as a result of Watergate). If there is ANY true justice left in this country, may it come forth in regards to this slaughter of our nation’s public servants overseas.


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