Think Pink? There Is Much More To It Than That………………

There has been a lot of public exposure lately, featuring MLB and NFL professional baseball and football stars wearing pink arm and wrist bands, displaying their solidarity against breast cancer in women. Not to be outdone, bikers do the same and push the envelope a bit farther as they even don a woman’s attire to make a statement. Is this the proper method to “fight” breast cancer? The ancient platitude still holds true: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”
The world will NEVER submit to what I am to share, yet a Christian will easily understand it. These following facts are not totally comprehensive, yet shed much light on this cancer that affects many women. Do you remember the so called sexual revolution that commenced in the 1960’s? Christians were initially aghast at the advent of contraceptives, yet they gradually became accepted in our land, taken today like vitamins without any pain of conscience. I remember posters in college dorm rooms that vilified the Catholic Pope for his stand against them. The proof is out now, much to the chagrin of the American Cancer Society (ACS). In some third world countries, breast cancer is nearly nonexistant. These countries often have little access to “the pill” and are unable to offer abortions. These medicines, procedures and operations can quadruple the chances of getting breast cancer! [By the way, breast cancer was rare in America in 1900, and only 55 of 100,000 women got it in 1949]. This is no surprise to me, as man has decided to become his own god and interfere with the reproductive system and do it his way. There are other modes in which this system has been invaded by man which could likewise increase the chances of breast cancer. This organ is obviously in the wheel house of the reproductive system. Are these facts conclusive, explaining all of the cases of breast cancer? No, but they explain a lot of them.
I do not personally trust all of the medicines, procedures and operations offered by man. Some are of the Lord, and some are not. Furthermore, I am not at all surprised at this data. The world ignores this information because it hates God (John 3:19-20). Any mature Christian would recognize that whenever man interferes with God’s plan, it will only be to our detriment. May you and I be blessed with tremendous discernment from the Lord in all things. Pastor Steve


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