The Wisdom of our Founding Fathers

Once again we find ourselves at the threshold of Independence Day. We live in a day where many feel our freedoms are under serious attack. I know I feel this way, especially in light of the recently passed Obamacare. (I hope to have an article on this site in reference to this infamous healthcare mandate in the near future, perhaps in July). There is one issue that I have been thanking the good Lord for lately. That is, EVERY time I hear our president gripe, bellyache and complain about congress and their lack of support, I praise the Lord for the wisdom He gave our Founding Fathers to install a check and balance system in our government. Chalk one up for James Madison. This prevents our totalitarian despot of a president from asserting the absolute autocratic rule that he would like! The executive, legislative and judicial branch, all check and balance one another, as our Father’s all had a profound understanding of the fallen nature of man. If you are like me and saddened by the outcome of Obamacare, then thank God that our government is still working the way it was founded and that you and I can vote this November. Have a blessed Independence Day and make sure you reflect on, and are thankful for the great nation you and I live in, and for the freedoms we cherish that so many died for in order to keep them in tact. Pastor Steve


4 thoughts on “The Wisdom of our Founding Fathers

    • Mike, Are they finding a way around it or are they ignoring the checks and balances? In high school we learned how Congress made the laws but now this seems to the prerogative of the executive branch. I was in college when Watergate broke loose and the nation was aghast at the hubris of the Nixon administration. The executive orders of today make Watergate look tame in comparison. I am saddened and cannot understand it. Thank you for the wisdom of your comment.


      • I have to agree with you, they are ignoring it. I believe that the extend of intrusion on the Constitution by these Executive Orders is criminal, and if someone in the other branches of government were to push it hard enough, that charges could be made. But it is a sad state when the majority of our elected officials are more interested in getting re-elected and keeping face than doing what is right.


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