The Latest Colorado Shooting And What The Secular Press And Psychologists Cannot Tell The Public

Mass killings in the land of the free are becoming commonplace in our day. The latest was in a Colorado movie theater. The assailant recently purchased four weapons, including an AR-15 and Glock 40 caliber handguns. The guns were all puchased within the law at local gun shops and the Bass Pro Shop. Some of his ammunition was purchased on line. As of this writing there were 12 fatalities and about 58 wounded. We are now use to the usual stream of data, unanswered questions and lack of closure, as we listen to the neverending news that we continually hear after these tragedies. Of course the psychologists come faithfully, equipped with their assortment of platitudes and cliches. These type of “counselors” are always there to babble to the victims who survived, the witnesses, and pontificate to all of us about handling and understanding these events. The problem is that they rarely have spiritual understanding. Psychology itself has changed over the years. The secular books would conclude that the crazed shooter was schitzophrenic or bipolar. A psychology book that I have in my personal library, written nearly one half century ago would conclude that the assailant was demon possessed. Todays’ “experts” would conclude that there is a chemical imbalance in his brain. What they fail to mention is that if one were demon possessed, there would be a chemical imbalance in his brain. You and I are use to the fact that people who know spiritual truth will have absolutely no soapbox on the heels of this and similar tragedies. There will be no pastors or Christian counselors on the scene. We have to leave God out of this these events and allow people to find “strength” somewhere else. Big brother knows best, and that is why these senseless acts will continue to occur and they will only get worse. Our nation has left its’ founding faith of Christianity in the rear view mirror, hence making sense in the aftermath of these tragedies becomes impossible. Lord help this sin sick country with our warped emphasis on illicit sexual activity, violence and the demonic (Satanism, the occult, witchcraft, and sorcery). We have more Christian resources than any nation in the history of mankind, yet we do not employ the resources at hand—-instead, we are committing spiritual suicide through ignoring our Creator. May our nation turn to Him and acknowledge our depravity before it is too late.
Blessings, Pastor Steve


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