The Convoluted “Logic” Of Radical Islam

It never ceases to amaze me that such a large group of people in the world can display their appreciation for their idea of god through killing other people without rhyme or reason. By definition, an embassy is an establishment equipped with a piece of real estate, located in one nation, yet offering sanctuary for the citizens of another nation. In other words, the United States embassy in Libya under international law, is theoretically the exact same as our turf in our fifty states. Radical Islamists, however, attack innocent civilians in embassies, so the spirit of 9/11 can live on, jihad (the generic catch all phrase and harbinger of holy war) can continue, and perhaps because of a cartoonist or writer who disparaged Allah or Muhammad. Incredibly an insatiable hatred spews forth to every citizen of a nation because of what one person or a small group did! ………..and wonder of wonders, their god is honored by this! One really needs to chew on this for awhile in order to appreciate their view of who God is. If Jesus was like this, He would have taken out the rich young ruler before he walked away. Every Pharisee would have been instant toast. This hysteria of mass hatred is truly difficult to understand. No wonder the French have elected to close all of their embassies throughout the Middle East. Someone in Paris may write a negative article on Islam, and in retaliation for this, an embassy would be stormed in another country and the ambassador and other diplomats would be killed. This is a spiritual mindset that is truly hard to fathom. May the Lord open the eyes of those who thrive on violence against innocent people, as the way of honoring their god.


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