Quotable Quotes ~ Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill was a great politician and prime minister of England through their darkest hour, but he was far more. He was a visionary, a statesman, a sage and a wit. He had the famous British sense of humor so unless you appreciate English humor, the following two quotes may not resonate with you: 1)An admirer told Churchill that “history would be very kind to him.” Without missing a beat, Churchill took the cigar out of his mouth and replied …”oh yes it will, because I intend to write it.” (He indeed wrote memoirs of his life, with great emphasis on World War II). 2)Winston was soundly defeated when running for the office of prime minister at the end of the war. He was defeated by the Labor Party and he was heart broken that England cast him aside so quickly. When a supporter suggested that …”it could be a blessing in disguise,” Churchill replied …”yes indeed, it is very well disguised.”

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