Quotable Quotations ~ Senator John McCain About Benghazi

“The events on September 11 in Benghazi, Libya could have Watergate like implications. Counter terrorist teams in our nation were not even advised of what was happening. Every couple of days, another shoe drops.” Arizona Republican Senator John McCain

The fact is, no major news networks are covering this story except for Fox News. In my opinion, the liberal mainstream media is intentionally ignoring it because it would impinge on Obama’s chances for election. Two retired Navy Seals, working as CIA operatives were killed along with Ambassador Chris Stevens and his diplomat colleague. They were ordered three times to “stand down” and not retaliate against the terrorist attack against our consulate in Benghazi! Our nation had access to F-16’s that could have knocked out the mortars that killed the two retired Navy Seals at 4AM. We hung them out to dry. Most conservatives believe that these decisions go back to our Commander in Chief, the Situation Room and the Oval Office. (To refreshen your memory, Obama was in Las Vegas that night). Before they died, the two Ex Seals saved about thirty lives. They will go down as American heroes. The books and movie about these heroes (that I plan to watch) cannot be far away. May justice prevail and the truth be known. The difference between Watergate and Benghazi, however, is that Watergate involved illegal bugging, lies and perjury, while Benghazi could be related to murder and treason. Keep an eye on the news. May justice prevail. Pastor Steve


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