Quotable Quotation ~ Henry Clay

Back when men were men and women were women. Back when America was morally strong and full of righteous convictions between the Revolutionary and Civil Wars……. A famous southern politician from Kentucky, Henry Clay, made the statement: “I would rather be right than president.” How many people could honestly make such a statement? President Barack Obama does not care about right vs. wrong, and just shared that his newly revealed stance on endorsing “gay” marriage has been one of an evolutionary progression. Things are not black and white, and right or wrong. According to Obama they change and evolve, like our United States Constitution. Obama stated that he arrived at his new conclusion after consultations with his wife Michelle and his two daughters. [If you are old enough to remember, this may remind you of Jimmy Carter’s famous remark in the late 70’s… “my daughter Amy told me…,” in reference to her advice to Jimmy about nuclear armaments]. Obama has insulated himself with a great number of politicians who are homosexual. This vocal minority wields both position and power and is largely responsible for placing him in the presidency. If our president wants their support for his re-election, then he is going to have to show support for their lifestyle. After all, is that not why they helped to place him in office to begin with? Our nation is filled with all sorts of corrupt politicians and compromising of all kinds because most of our leadership lacks integrity. All three monotheistic religions (Islam, Judaism and Christianty) view homosexuality as sinful. Thirty two of our United States have voted that marriage is between a man and a woman ONLY! (as if that had to be voted upon) But make no mistake. Our liberal elitist president, along with vice president Joe Biden and the Democratic Party know what is best for all of us. This is a sad day for America. Let us “pray without ceasing,” and vote this November.


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