Quotable Quotation ~ Vance Havner And The Titanic

As you prepare to turn in this coming Saturday night prior to going to church the following morning, you can reflect that the Titanic hit an iceberg and was in the process of sinking EXACTLY ONE HUNDRED YEARS AGO TO THE VERY TIME AND MINUTE YOUR HEAD HITS THE PILLOW. The ocean liner hit the iceberg just prior to midnight and sank a little after 2AM, plunging 2/3 of the passengers into icy waters and eternity. There were many reasons why 2/3 of the passengers needlessly died. One of the reasons was that the British designers and engineers, filled with arrogance, claimed that “God could not sink this ship,” hence there was no need to have life boats for all of the passengers. The boats would clutter up all of the decks and harm the appearance! It is also now known that White Star Line and their designers allowed the Titanic and her two sister ships (Olympic and Britannic) to be released even though there were major flaws in the vast hulls and structure of the gigantic liners. The great ships were simply too large for the grade of steel that was used to build them during this era. Cracks were observed by the designers before they left the dock. Creaks and groans were heard as well, but because of the monumental task of coordinating the logistics of dead lines, time tables, man power and money, the ships were released in spite of this knowledge. Furthermore, inferior iron rivets were used rather than steel rivets. These held the hull and ship together and there were millions of rivets used. If you are familiar with the sinking of the Titanic then you know that when she hit the iceberg, the rivets popped off as easy as buttons from a shirt. This is what happens when there is not a safety/watchdog agency to counter the corruption and greed of fallen man who will place money, profits and fame in front of the lives of people. [Incidently, the panacea for this dilemma was to later make double hulls on the ocean liners].
The famous Baptist itinerant preacher Vance Havner observed that the sinking of the Titanic was an object lesson for America. One can easily observe the parallels. Vance said: “It was the one ship built that was suppose to never sink and all it ever did was sink and it did that on its’ maiden voyage.” What else is there to say?

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