Obama vs. the Constitution and the Second Amendment

Left wingers have borrowed from the German statesman Hegel the philosophy to “….always take advantage of a crisis in order to advance your political agenda.” Hence Obama is right on the heels of the tragedy in Connecticut in order to lay out twenty three executive orders as of this writing. The National Rifle Association (NRA) long ago advised that Obama would attempt to tighten the noose on gun rights in his second term. We are not even in his second term and it is already in his crosshairs (pun intended). King Obama is coming forth with a myriad of executive orders in order to curtail/eliminate the right to bear arms. The problem? The anointed one is trampling on our constitution and the second amendment. Another problem? He cannot do any of this if we still submit to our three branches of government and our constitution. Obama intentionally ignores the fact that it is the legislative branch of our government (congress) that makes our laws. He is attempting to abuse “executive order” and go beyond the constitution. Interestingly, already one half dozen states have refused to submit to ANY federal mandates and proposals that would usurp our constitution. One sheriff in Wyoming said he will ignore federal executive orders, and obey the constitution which he swore to uphold. Other states already in harmony with Wyoming are Montana, Texas, Missouri, South Carolina with more sure to follow. Guess what? All of these states are within their legal rights to do so! Folks…….we have a dictator, czar, king, monarch or whatever other title you feel led to apply to him. Our nation was founded in order to get away from King George’s dictatorship and England. It has long been the opinion of the NRA that Obama’s ultimate goal is to step by step dismantle and eliminate all of gun ownership. Here is a fact that liberals despise because they are always confused by the facts: The murder rates are ALWAYS the largest where guns are outlawed. Places such as Chicago and the so called “gun free zones” like our nation’s schools. Why share information like this on a Christian blog site? Because we cherish our freedoms and our right to assemble and worship. Do you sincerely believe that once our leaders who despise the Judeo Christian ethic upon which this great nation was built, confiscate all of our guns, that we will keep our freedoms that we cherish? Only the most naive among us would believe in such nonsense and not see this coming.

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