How God Can Use A Righteous Man

Bill O’Reilly has a top rated show called the O’Reilly Factor on the Fox News channel. Much to my amazement, this Irish Catholic host has just given our nation two Christmas gifts. The first has been a theme that he has called the “War on Christmas,” urging our citizenry to acknowledge the only holiday that is on our calendar on December 25. Conspicuously absent from this spiritual battle are the Christians, especially pastors and leaders. God used this gentleman to stand up for righteousness, when it is the church that should have been doing this. O’Reilly’s picture was recently on the cover of Newsweek wearing a Christmas stocking cap and coupled with the phrase “You won!” Yesterday I went to Murphy’s gas station, Wal Mart and to my bank and guess what? Everyone wished me Merry Christmas without me prompting them. I know many others are standing for Christmas but O’Reilly should be especially thanked. In the last couple of days he has been involved in good deed number two. United States Marine Jon Hammar has been unjustifiably locked up and chained in a dilapidated Mexican jail cell with phony trumped up charges. Did our illustrious president go to bat for Jon and try to get him home for Christmas? Negatore good buddy. How about the State Department? No, they are busy resigning over their debacle in Bengazi. Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State, is recovering from a concussion, and other maladies that keep her from testifying about the important hearings over Bengazi. (She can travel the world but cannot now cross the street. How convenient.) Bill O’Reilly boldly told Jon’s parents on his program that they were going to get their son released. He repeated this on his program a couple of other times. Several people cancelled trips and cruises, vacations, etc., in order to send a distinct signal to Mexico. As of this writing, Jon’s release is immanent and he should be home for Christmas. Bill is Irish Catholic and I am Anglo Protestant, and I greatly appreciate this man who does the right things when the church, pastors, our president, the secretary of state and State Department are no where to be found. It is truly a shame to our nation when a news anchor steps out and does the work of our nations’ elected and well paid “leaders.” This is not even Bill O’Reilly’s job but he cares, whereas the aforementioned bureaucrats obviously do not. Bill stepped out in faith and did the right thing. Bill makes me grateful to be an American. Thank you Bill, and we wish you a Merry Christmas.


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