ELECTIONS 2012: Where is the Christian Right?

The Christians use to be in the middle of the political spectrum in our nation, yet due to widespread liberalism and moral decay, we have been marginalized to the EXTREME right. Some pundits refer to us as the United States of Europe. A few elections ago, evangelicals were viewed as a significant voting block and a player who could determine the outcome of elections. But now, despite the polarized view points between Obama and Romney, no one in the press even mentions where the candidates stand on the issues. Perhaps Bill “Slick Willie” Clinton helped establish this mindset through his famous declaration: “It’s the economy stupid.” There is no doubt that Willie liked to steer away from moral values for obvious reasons. To Christians who make moral values a litmus test as I do; on one hand you have Mitt Romney who is pro life, for traditional marriage (between one man and one woman), a supporter of Israel, and in favor of freedoms for religious hospitals to ban birth control; on the other hand you have Barack Obama who is in total favor of abortion on demand, our first LGBT president who has replaced the marriage month of June with perversion month, supports our enemies more than Israel, and desires to force Catholic hospitals to distribute contraceptives which of course, goes against their religious beliefs if they matter anymore. (So much for the land of the free…). I usually watch the most conservative news available, and these issue are not considered or even mentioned as significant tools to sway voters!
Do you know where the Christian right is? I went to an associational meeting of Southern Baptists a few nights ago and found it. It was an older crowd, and a place where I actually felt right in the middle. (I am 59) There was one young family, a couple with small children, and they almost seemed like an anomaly, even though it was a joy to see them there. I have noticed that most of our concerted Christian meetings today are similar to this one. Anyone can see that the Christian right is on the wane, and we must pray for the good Lord’s intervention in this nation as never before. Even if God does not use the Christian right to place the right candidate in office, He can and will use whatever means pleases Him if the body of Christ will pray. Many consider this election to be the most pivotal in our nation’s history. PRAY and vote in that order. Blessings, Pastor Steve


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