Convoluted Logic

Our hearts go out to the familes who had loved ones gunned down in Newtown, Connecticut one week ago today. Twenty children and six adults were murdered in cold blood. The following is another case of even more innocent lives taken which has gone unnoticed. On the same date, over two hundred and fifty babies were aborted in Florida alone. They were literally torn apart alive and flushed down the drain in “clinics.” Our president gave a stirring message to the people at Sandy Hook Elementary School in reference to the tragedy that happened there. I heard it all. Our president also supports abortion and the right to kill unborn babies. Yes, in Florida alone, more than ten times as many innocent lives were taken on the same date as in Newtown, Connecticut. Now, multiply this figure to include every state in our nation, going back to every day and every year to the Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court decision. What else is there to say?


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