Christianity, Islam, Israel and Iran

A great concern today is the threat of Iran reaching nuclear capabilities in the Middle East. The imposed sanctions by our government are like whistling in the dark, and our president imposes them just to give the appearance of our opposition and involvement. I believe Obama desires a nuclear Iran, and for all of the Islamic powers that are in the Middle East to take out Israel. However, an amazing thing is happening in Iran today. Many Iranians are becoming saved, blood washed born again Christians. This is very upsetting to the leaders of this radical state. The penalty for conversion to Christianty is death. Is this not interesting? If a Muslim, a Mormon, or other members of false cults and religions convert to true Christianity, then their lives are threatened. The reason is because they are all man made religions, and there is no freedom and power of God to hold them into these false belief systems, hence the threat of punishment for leaving. Have you ever heard of born again Christians being threatened with death for leaving their faith? Of course not. When one is truly saved, then they know the One True Way (John 14:6) to salvation, and they would never want to leave. Besides, there is total freedom in Christ, not ungodly methods of restraining them, since they love Jesus and stay with Him out of choice and the power of the Holy Spirit. Jesus is greater than all of the gold in Fort Knox and all of the timber in the Argonne Forest. If one is truly born from above, why would they want to leave?
Maranatha, Pastor Steve

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